What To Consider When Hiring an Excavation Contractor

Here at Active Bobcat, we have a long history of working on a wide variety of projects across lower Vancouver Island. While we are experts at what we do, you might be looking into excavation services for the very first time. You’re likely asking yourself what you need to be thinking about as you consider taking on this new project around your home or business.

There are more factors to consider when exploring new driveway gravel, septic fields, or drainage installation than you may think. Every worksite has its unique challenges so we have made a list of the things you should be considering before you get started.

Where is the Job Site?

The ability of our team to access the job site can affect both the cost and the timeline of the project. Is the project a rural, urban, residential or commercial setting? Each of these location settings will impact the mileage to the job site, the hours of access, and city or municipal permits required.

Are there any obstructions to the job site like outbuildings, garages, or ditches that will impede access to the site with our equipment? We are going to need to plan accordingly for all of the above.

What type of project is it?

Every project requires its own skillset to achieve the finished product. Whether we are doing a complete driveway resurfacing or just some fresh driveway gravel, a minor drainage service, or a full septic field design, each of these projects requires a mix of depth of knowledge and a complementary set of specific tools.

This is why every large job requires an onsite quote, that varies based on the difficulty and needs of the job – and not solely the number of hours it will take us to complete the work onsite. Our minimum charge is one hour plus one hour travel.

What type of equipment Is required?

Each job equally has a required set of tools and we will make the arrangements to be on site with everything to get the job done right. Whether the task at hand is heavy lifting or tight corners that require maneuverability, we’ll come prepared.

We are Vancouver Islands’ most reliable excavation contractors and our arsenal includes Concrete Breakers, Bobcats, Backhoes, Excavators, Dump Trucks, Rock Hound, Kabota Track Carrier, and more. We have everything to get the job done!

What are you going to need for job site clean-up?

The often-overlooked site clean-up can be one of the biggest headaches of any project. It’s easy to imagine the supplies and tools required to complete new septic fields or drainage installation, but where is all that soil going to go? Is the soil safe, and clean? You will need to plan for hauling out or soil remediation depending on the scope of your project.

Wait! Before you dig…

How does the old saying go? Call before you dig?!? It’s more important than you know. Not only could digging without properly checking the services that run underground through your property cause a lot of delays in your project timeline – but they also could cause a great deal of damage and inconvenience to your community. Worst case scenario you could find yourself liable for some very expensive fixes.


Hopefully, now you are starting to think more in-depth about what will go into your upcoming project. We know we are the right excavation company to help you get it done right. Let us help you approach your digging projects with care and professionalism.

Reach out for a quote today, and let’s start your planning!

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