Septic Pump Controller

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1Pump controller

EZ Series® In-Site® CL with Bluetooth® Simplex Demand⁄TD*

2Pumps controller

EZ Series® In-Site® CL with Bluetooth® Duplex Demand⁄TD*

The EZ Series® In-Site® CL Duplex control panel is designed to control two (alternating) 120-208-240V single-phase pumps in water and sewage installations. The alternating action equalizes pump wear. In addition to the alternating pump control, this system provides override control should either pump fail.

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Display Features

  • Control power indicator
  • Alarm power indicator
  • Pump run indicator
  • Pump push to run switch
  • Modbus port connector (PC)
  • Tank level indicator


Full Five-Year Limited Warranty

EZ Series Pump Controller for water and sewage

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Panel Features

  • NEMA 4X enclosure with locking latch
  • Red alarm beacon on cover provides visual check of alarm condition
  • External alarm test/silence switch allows horn and light to be tested and horn to be silenced in an alarm condition; alarm will automatically reset once the alarm condition is cleared
  • Circuit breaker provides pump power disconnect and branch circuit protection
  • Safety cover with touch safe design
  • C-Level™ Sensor
    float connection terminal block
  • Incoming control/alarm power and pump power terminal block
  • Alarm horn provides audio warning of alarm condition
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Module


C-Level™ Sensor